Automobile Accidents

Automobile Accidents

Have you been injured in a car accident? It’s time to call an aggressive automobile accident attorney.

After a car accident, all you have to do is contact the insurance companies to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, property damage, and suffering, right?


If you expect to receive full and fair compensation for your injuries, you need the assistance of a skilled automobile accident attorney such as Perlmutter & Pourshalimi.

We Know How to Handle the Insurance Companies

Car insurance companies don’t want to provide maximum compensation after an accident—that would be bad for business. Instead, they will look for any possible reason to deny or reduce the compensation they pay out to injured victims. At Perlmutter & Pourshalimi, we are familiar with all the strategies insurance companies would try to use against our clients, and we can fight back. You can trust us to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case, collect relevant evidence, and build the strongest possible argument regarding liability for your accident. Armed with this information, we will be prepared to negotiate a favorable settlement with the insurance company, or take the matter to court, as your situation may require.

We Will Fight for Full & Fair Compensation

A car accident can result in serious injuries, such as broken bones, lacerations, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, crushing injuries, amputations, and internal injuries. While some injuries will heal completely, others may be permanent, leaving you with lingering pain or disability. You deserve compensation for all the ways your injuries have impacted your life. This includes:
With Perlmutter & Pourshalimi as your automobile accident lawyer, you can rest assured the above damages will be properly documented and quantified, which will position you to recover maximum compensation in your case.

We Handle All Kinds of Automobile Accidents

At Perlmutter & Pourshalimi, we have the legal skills and knowledge required to handle all kinds of automobile accidents, including those caused by negligent drivers as well as manufacturer’s defects. For example, we can handle the following types of accidents as your automobile accident attorney:

Call Now for Affordable Representation from an Automobile Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a car accident, you can find affordable representation at Perlmutter & Pourshalimi. We will take your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid until you do. If we are not successful in securing compensation for you, you will not have to pay any legal fees.

For immediate assistance 24/7, please contact us at 310-295-2236. The initial consultation with your automobile accident lawyer is always free.